At Blue Oak Farm our passion is people.

When you use Blue Oak Farm products all that it required is clean, drinkable water. However, we recognize that by living in the United States we have opportunities that others do not.

We have access to clean water when nearly 35 percent of the worlds population does not.

Today 844 million people lack access to safe water. Each one has great potential, yet the burden of the water crisis hinders their every attempt to break free from the cycle of poverty. When it comes down to who will bear the burden of daily water collection, it’s women and girls.

For women, the water crisis is personal. They are responsible for finding a resource their families need to survive. In doing this, they often face an impossible choice: certain death without water, or possible death due to illness from dirty water.

  • Access to safe water empowers women to look beyond the days’ struggles.

  • Access to safe water can protect and save their children’s lives.

  • Access to safe water has the power to turn time spent into time saved. 

For millions of women access to safe water can turn problems into potential: unlocking education, economic prosperity, and improved health.

Every woman and girl deserves to determine their own future, and access to safe water makes that possible.

That is why at Blue Oak Farm we choose to donate a portion of every purchase to WATER.ORG whose belief is that water is the way to break the cycle of poverty; to protect and save lives; to make a bright future possible for all.

Your purchase is making a difference. Thank you for your support.