Blue Oak Farm Questions

Do you wholesale Blue Oak Farm Products?

Why yes I do! Just click HERE to get the conversation started!

What are your products made of?

All products in Blue Oak Farm are made of all natural, organic ingredients. All products include some combination of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, epsom salt, and coconut oil. Coloring comes from mica powder and scents are derived from essential oils. You will always be able to pronounce every ingredient used. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at sarah@sarahtodoroff.com

Blog Questions

Do you accept advertising and sponsorship requests and what are your prices?

Why, thank you for asking, because yes I do! You can download my media kit here. It is updated regularly. So, if my stats are not what you are wanting or expecting, please keep checking back. You can  also check out my Pricing Guide here. Interested in sponsored posts? Shoot me an email at sarah@sarahtodoroff.com to get the conversation started!

What is a sponsored/collaborative post? How do I know I’m reading one?

These are posts that involve me working with a specific brand or company. I’m either sharing my review of a product, or mentioning something affiliated with that brand. Before I decide to work with a brand I always consider the following factors

  1. Does it fit in with the nature and typical content of the blog?

  2. Do I like the brand/product/concept regardless of how lucrative the campaign is?

  3. Does the message of the post line up with what I would endorse or write about in the first place?

Once I’ve decided whether or not to move forward with a collaborative opportunity, I mix my needs for the blog post, with the needs of the brand. For example, I want to shoot anything that shows up on my blog, instead of accepting stock images. Secondly, I will write it in my own voice. Brands, on the other hand, may have initiatives like “spelling out the entire product name” or including details about the company within the post. Both for brand awareness, and SEO needs, these are things that I oblige with in exchange for working together on the post.

In regards to deciphering a sponsored post, you will see a disclaimer within the post clarifying whether or not it is sponsored.

“I dislike the direction of your blog. There are too many sponsored posts.”

I started the Blue Oak Farm blog for two reasons. The first is I like to write. I am wanting to get better at it and I feel like I have some entertaining things to say (sometimes) so why not write them down? I am also using this blog as a way to document my life. If I am not intentional about keeping a record of things that have happened through the days/months/years then my life will just pass me right by. The second reason I decided to start the Blue Oak Farm blog is to make a little extra money when I can.  

At this time, I’m comfortable with the amount of sponsored and non-sponsored posts. Being a blogger is a very unique job and monetization comes in many, many different forms. You will find a mix of referral links, sponsored posts, and sidebar ads on Blue Oak Farm blog. A permanent disclaimer lives on my right sidebar to explain referral links. If you have any questions about my monetization choices, please send me an e-mail! 

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