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Building a Powerful Personal Brand

Lately, I have been starting off the morning with my morning coffee and my nose a book. There is something so calming and renewing about it. Reminds me that there is so much to be hopeful for in the day the lies ahead.

I get to fill my head with fantastical nonsense or business tips to help propel me forward. I get to choose if I want to read affirmations or a tale of a real life hero.

The possibilities are endless.

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A New Healthy Lifestyle

Well this post is hard to write. It is hard not only because it is a vulnerable post but because there is always the constant fear that floats around my brain thinking about the judgement that may come from other people. But here we go.

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Budgeting in Business

Hi everyone! Sarah here.We have hit the last day of My Simple Budget Week! Phew.Talking about money all the time can be boooooring. It is so important though, so I decided to dedicate a full 5 days to talking about it on the blog. Also, if you were to bet a million dollars  that there will be more blog posts about finances and budgeting in the future then you friend, would be a millionaire!

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