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Developing Your Budget

My Simple Budget Week is here! Day 2!

Budgeting isn’t a term that we like to use. I know when I think about budgets sometimes I get heart palpitations. It can make me feel bad, like somehow because I have to budget I am not going to measure up to my peers. But I am here to tell you that budgeting and being frugal can be sexy, fun and challenging! Just by spending a little bit of time and putting a little thought into our finances we can change our lives for the better, do more and have more.

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New to 2018 - Couponing

The hubs and I are making some MAJOR changes starting in 2018. Chief being - couponing. We are both returning to school this year (enter our bank account is going to dwindle right before our very eyes) and I know getting our MPAs will not be a bad decision, but it still is gut wrenching to watch all the money that we have saved over the years start to disappear.

I am starting a budget and am sticking to it.

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