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Building a Powerful Personal Brand

Lately, I have been starting off the morning with my morning coffee and my nose a book. There is something so calming and renewing about it. Reminds me that there is so much to be hopeful for in the day the lies ahead.

I get to fill my head with fantastical nonsense or business tips to help propel me forward. I get to choose if I want to read affirmations or a tale of a real life hero.

The possibilities are endless.

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2018 Goal Setting

We are three days into 2018. Can you believe that we are already in 2018?! I can't. Over the last week or so I have thought about what my goals are this year personally and for My Simple Life. I love setting goals. I am a task-oriented person, so my sense of accomplishment often comes from checking things off a to-do list and being productive. 

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