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A New Healthy Lifestyle

Well this post is hard to write. It is hard not only because it is a vulnerable post but because there is always the constant fear that floats around my brain thinking about the judgement that may come from other people. But here we go.

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What is Hand Salve?

If you have been around these parts for a while (thank you!!) you have seen my growing excitement for all natural products. Essential oils, coconut oil and shea butter, oh my! 

My latest excitement? Salves.

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Essential Oils - I'm a Believer

I think I am a bit late to the train.

Even though essential oils have literally been used for thousands of years, within the last year it seems like they really have gained popularity! Young LivingdoTERRAPlant Living – there are a lot of companies out there that sell and market them for health and wellness. I am started reading through it all and it is enough to make your head spin! 

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