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3 Must Have Budgeting Techniques and Helpful Budgeting Tools

Anyone else getting bored with talking about budgets? I sure hope not! (But, I can totally understand if you are.) Today, I am talking all about budgeting techniques and helpful tools you can use to help you succeed. After all, that is the point of budgets, right? We want to succeed and save money! If we don’t save money then what is the dang point?

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Budget Week Kick Off!

My Simple Budget Week is here! So what is the crazy thing and why have I been so nuts about it? Well, I WANT ALL THE THINGS and I have never been very good at impulse control. 

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New to 2018 - Couponing

The hubs and I are making some MAJOR changes starting in 2018. Chief being - couponing. We are both returning to school this year (enter our bank account is going to dwindle right before our very eyes) and I know getting our MPAs will not be a bad decision, but it still is gut wrenching to watch all the money that we have saved over the years start to disappear.

I am starting a budget and am sticking to it.

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