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Tips for a Successful Blog

Starting a blog was a big decision for me. Laying out my thoughts for others to judge on a very public platform is scary!

Are you like me? Did you make the decision to become a blogger and find that you have trouble writing blogs? If you are anything like me, writing blog post doesn’t always come easy. I struggle with what to write about, wondering if it will be interesting and worth reading. Fret not, dear readers, a quick Google search revealed that we are not the only ones with this issue.

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2018 Goal Setting

We are three days into 2018. Can you believe that we are already in 2018?! I can't. Over the last week or so I have thought about what my goals are this year personally and for My Simple Life. I love setting goals. I am a task-oriented person, so my sense of accomplishment often comes from checking things off a to-do list and being productive. 

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