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My Switch to All Natural Living

If you have been around these parts for any length of time you will know that I am working towards a more all natural living. I am trying to get my home toxin free. That means, everything from the things that I put in my air (ie, air fresheners..PS recipe coming soon!) to what I put under my arms.

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Simple Steps to Getting Sh*t Done!


Walking through my house you are bound to find lists upon lists of “to-do’s” and “house projects”. If you are anything like me you have to-do lists a mile long but somehow nothing seems to get done off of them. Even with the best of intentions, rarely do I cross more than one thing off of the list.

This weekend, though I decided to change my fate. I wrote yet another list, but this time I was bound and determined to cross everything off of it. The trick was to be thoughtful about it.

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Finding joy in a world of comparison and self-doubt

I don’t know about you but I can focus so much on working, getting more and doing more, that I tend to forget to just sit and appreciate my life and what I have. I don’t have joy. We can get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others that our joy can be tampered down by thoughts of self-doubt and unworthiness. Feeling like we will never measure up.

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Health Benefits of Lavender

Did you know that lavender essential oil is the most used essential oil used today? The use of lavender essential oil has been around for centuries.  It has been used to aid in the defense of digestive system diseases as well as for cosmetic reasons. The Romans used lavender oil for bathing, cooking and purifying the air. And in the Bible, lavender oil was among the aromatics used for anointing and healing.

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