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5 Things You Can Do to Become a Risk Taker in Business

Risk Taker: Someone who does something that involves danger or risk in order to achieve a goal.

Would you define yourself as a risk taker? I sure wouldn’t! I play it very safe in life and in business. But that doesn’t mean I think about everything all the way through before I do it either.

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Budgeting in Business

Hi everyone! Sarah here.We have hit the last day of My Simple Budget Week! Phew.Talking about money all the time can be boooooring. It is so important though, so I decided to dedicate a full 5 days to talking about it on the blog. Also, if you were to bet a million dollars  that there will be more blog posts about finances and budgeting in the future then you friend, would be a millionaire!

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3 Must Have Budgeting Techniques and Helpful Budgeting Tools

Anyone else getting bored with talking about budgets? I sure hope not! (But, I can totally understand if you are.) Today, I am talking all about budgeting techniques and helpful tools you can use to help you succeed. After all, that is the point of budgets, right? We want to succeed and save money! If we don’t save money then what is the dang point?

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Developing Your Budget

My Simple Budget Week is here! Day 2!

Budgeting isn’t a term that we like to use. I know when I think about budgets sometimes I get heart palpitations. It can make me feel bad, like somehow because I have to budget I am not going to measure up to my peers. But I am here to tell you that budgeting and being frugal can be sexy, fun and challenging! Just by spending a little bit of time and putting a little thought into our finances we can change our lives for the better, do more and have more.

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