The Review I Didn't Want To Do

Jord watch review.png

So I am going to be honest, I was hesitant to do this review. So, let’s start from the beginning.

I few years back I was contacted by JORD Watches to do a review in exchange for product. I was so excited! It was my first real influencer review post and after being in shock and awe that they would choose someone like me, couldn’t wait to do it!

I scrolled through the watches I was given the option of choosing…self winding, battery operated, Kona wood, zebrawood - there were so many choices.

After what felt like an eternity of scrolling I landed on the Cora Zebrawood and Rose, self-winding watch - valued at $275!!

I could not believe they were going to send me a watch that cost that much money!

I was pretty excited to review it actually. I received it and it was beautiful with one BIG problem- it worked great for approximately a month. It was a self-winding watch meaning it stayed wound as long as you wore it. The natural movement of your hand kept the watch running.

It was good in theory, the problem arose when I reapplied that I working in an office setting, my hands/wrist rarely moved. Yes I typed a lot, but I wasn't waving my hands around in the air. After a month the time was completely off and when I didn’t wear it on the weekends, the watch stopped completely. Not ideal.

Not ideal.

I contacted JORD customer service multiple times and though they were helpful in the beginning the problem never got fixed. So sad really, because the watch really was just stunning. It was like a piece of art.

That brings me to today.


My birthday was coming up and I decided that I wanted a watch. I was toying between an Apple Watch of something else and that is when JORD watches, which I just learned it pronounced ‘Yoad’ watches (who knew?!?), contacted me again. What timing! I loved their watches the first time, it just didn’t work so I was hesitant to join in. But second time is a charm right?

I anxiously waited for my watch to arrive.

When it finally came, after some shipping issues that was no fault of JORD, I tore open the box to put it on!

JORD graciously sized it for me (which you have the option of doing at purchase) but I gave them the wrong size! So the watch, though fit, was too small.

I got to work adding links and it was actually a much smoother process than I would have thought! They give you instructions and extra links! Just use a paperclip sized piece of metal (I used the do-hicky from the iPhone box to take the SIM card out) and you are in business!

This watch is beautiful, battery operated, keeps the time (which is a HUGE plus over the last one) and still looks like a piece of art!

I chose the FRANKIE Series in Dark Sandalwood and Smoke. Stunningly beautiful and I have received so many compliments!

It is a perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love! It comes beautifully packaged and can even be engraved!


So Apple Watch vs JORD watch? I choose JORD watch! Surprising I know! I choose it for a simple reason really, I need something to tell the time and nothing else.

Overall, a great watch. Simple yet beautiful.


That brings me to the exciting part! JORD watches has offered to do a giveaway for you, my readers! The contest entry is simple.

Just CLICK HERE to enter.

Contest Entry

The contest winner will receive $100 toward the purchase of any watch in their collection!

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So what if you don’t win?

Don’t worry, they have you covered too!

All other entrants will also be emailed a 10% off gift code as well as early access to other discounts!

So hurry, you won’t want to miss out on this giveaway! Doors close soon!