DIY Brown Sugar Lemon and Coconut Oil Facial Scrub

DIY Lemon Facial Scrub-2.png

I don't know about you, but I am always on a look out for a great facial cleanser. At the end of a long day my face just feels ugh, dirty. When I was younger, I never really though about taking care of my skin. I washed my face with hand soap and that was about it. As the years pass and I am wanting to wear less and less make up but feel like I need it more and more, I am realizing that a good exfoliating facial cleanser is the answer!

After a bit of research I landed on a brown sugar lemon honey facial scrub. With only three (3) - that's right 3 - ingredients, you are going to wonder why you haven't used a facial scrub like this in the past. 

First the benefits.

Benefits of Brown Sugar Lemon and Coconut Oil Facial Scrub Ingredients

  • Lemon – A natural source of vitamin C; an ingredient commonly used to lighten sun and age spots and even out skin tone; a natural astringent that tightens pores and brightens the complexion.

  • Sugar – A natural exfoliator; a natural source of glycolic acid which evens out skin tone, cleans pores, and improves overall skin texture by removing dead, dull skin cells. It is also a natural humectant - meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin keeping moisture in. Have sensitive skin? Use brown sugar. It is softer than white and is perfect for your face.

  • Coconut Oil - A natural moisturizer; coconut oil is inarguably the best all natural moisturizer out there. It is an excellent makeup remover and deep cleanser and the antibacterial properties of coconut oil protect the skin from potential pathogens while also reducing the risk of bacterial infections worsening acne.


  • 1 cup sugar (I used 3/4 cup brown and 1/4 cup white)

  • 1/4 cups Coconut oil, melted

  • 15 drops Lemon essential oil or the juice of one lemon

  • 1 8oz mason jar with lid


  • Combine the sugar and melted coconut oil. (I melted the coconut oil in a glass measuring cup in the microwave for 30 seconds)

  • Add the lemon essential oil or lemon juice.

  • Mix until blended completely.

  • Store in mason jar

Use a palmful once or twice a week for smooth, glowing skin!