Learning to Embrace the Imperfect in a Perfectly Curated World


The need to be perfect has been weighing on me lately.

In a world full of perfect Instagram and Facebook photos, I tend to forget that social media isn’t real life. We tell each other to not compare ourselves with others but if we were honest we still do. We are all broken beings just trying to find a place in this crazy world we live in. None of us are perfect even though we strive for perfection. We want to be the perfect wife/husband, mom or dad, daughter or son, friend, even boss and yet we always fall short.

February 1 marked the grand opening of Blue Oak Farm and I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted the perfect product, the perfect packaging, the perfect pricing. And you know what? I failed. My product isn’t perfect, the packaging can always use some work and the pricing...oh boy the pricing.

I could have thrown these out. I took the shower steamer melts out of the mold on Monday and every last one of them broke. I wanted to cry. All the work and the time seemed to have been for nothing. But then I had an idea...

Forget Me Nots!

Forget Me Nots are EXACTLY like the perfectly shaped bath bombs and shower steamers that sell for 3x the price except for one thing, they aren’t very pretty. Forget Me Nots will now, and forever be, a staple in the Blue Oak Farm shop.

In a world full of perfection the imperfect should shine. They belong and so do you. Let these be a reminder that you are perfectly imperfect. And that is a good thing.