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Taco Bell was my down fall.

Let me start from the beginning. In 2015 I was watching this Buzzed Video about a poultry farm. Now I won't go into the gore-y details but suffice to say the video was about killing your own dinner (in the most humane way possible). It was at that point I decided if couldn't kill it I wasn't going to eat it. Now I don't believe there is anything inherently wrong with eating meat, it was just my personal conviction that led me to the decision to stop eating meat cold turkey (no pun intended). 

Since then, not eating meat was easy. I didn't really miss it and there were a few months here and there were I toyed with the idea of even becoming vegan. Then there was Taco Bell.

I had never had a problem before. Taco Bell will gladly sub meat for beans and you can actually make almost anything they have there vegan! But it was on the fateful day in December of 2017 that I ordered my vegan crunch wrap, drove away from the drive through, bit into it and realized that though I ordered beans, my crunch wrap was beef-y.

I could have just thrown it away, but that would be been wasteful. In addition, though I knew I was only eating like 80% meat, that 'meat' tasted so damn good. I couldn't stop. 

Since that point, I have eaten meat a few times. Oddly enough though, eating meat it isn't as satisfying as I thought it would be. Because of that I have decided that I am going to go back to the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I felt better and actually really liked the foods I was eating!

A friend lent me the cookbook Thug Kitchen eat like you give a f*ck and I loved the recipes so much and I ordered it from Amazon! Lentil tacos, Quinoa Oatmeal...yum! If you are looking for a new recipe book (that also looks great in your kitchen and is hilarious) you should check it out!