Letting the World Inspire You

World Inspiration.png

Coming back from Costa Rica I am amping up, trying to be ready to get back into the swing of things. Working full time, blogging, starting up a new product shop over at Blue Oak Farm - this girl can't seem to catch a break. I need to stop and breathe however in all honesty sometimes I forget.

I am trying to embrace Pura Vida (you can read a little about what the heck it is, here).

A few days back I spoke about Blue Oak Farm. February 1 is going to be here before I know it and there are so many things to do before then! My check list keeps getting longer and longer! This little corner of the online world is going to be a place where I can offer my handmade products to others and though I am excited, if I were honest, I am also terrified. Constant questions arise that are causing doubt. What if they aren't good enough? What if people don't like them? Is the whole essential oil thing just a fad and a craze that is going to die out in a year? What if I spend all this money and no one buys anything?

Pushing through the doubt I am also trying to think about what I can do that will make be different from other people. There are so many great little businesses out there who sell what I sell, so what makes me different? While in Costa Rica I figured it out.

I am going to let scents of the world inspire my products.

While in Costa Rica I toured Doka Estate, a coffee farm just outside of the city. I drink coffee every day, and even worked at Peet's for a time, but never thought about the process a coffee bean goes through to go from plant to cup. While we were there I saw a coffee plant for the first time and I learned something interesting. The coffee flower actually looks and smells like jasmine! 

I know, I know blew my mind too.

From that moment, the inspiration seed was sewn. Every time I return from somewhere beautiful, I am going to think about something that inspired me while I was there and stock limited edition versions of my products. So that means on February 1, when Blue Oak Farm opens, in addition to the standard scents of the bath bombs and shower steamers that we are going to stock, there were also be very limited quantities of bath bombs and shower steamers inspired by my trip to Costa Rica!

I think this will be a fun little twist on the standard bath and spa products and I can't wait to see what sort of inspiration arises!