My New Do: Bangs

Yes. I did just post this picture

Yes. I did just post this picture.

Everyone needs a good hairdresser. I would call it a simple essential in life. A new hair style can make you feel like a whole new person and can completely make you over. It can give you a confidence you would have never expected.

I go through stages of my hair growth when I want to just do something drastic. It would be better if I said, "I had been wanting bangs for a while" and thought about it and pondered over it, but that wouldn't be the truth. Confession: I was watching Glee, saw Lea Michele and thought, "I want those. I will totally look like her!" (HA!) 

I promptly texted my hairdresser.

It had been 20+ years since I had had bangs. When I was 10, I got them out of necessity (cue round brush getting stuck after swim practice) but at 30 it was a choice. 

I had heard the horror stories and was warned. I took the plunge anyway. And guess what? I couldn't be more pleased! Rachel, you really do have a gift!

Today, don't be afraid to do something totally out of the ordinary or something drastic (as long as it doesn't hurt yourself or someone else...did I really have to say that?). You may surprise yourself.