Projects Projects Oo-La-La

house projects (1).png

Since buying our home almost two (2) years ago, the list of house projects continues to grow. Drainage, landscaping, patio and fence building...the list goes on. Over the years I have found that the best way to make sure that things get done is to let others know about what them. 

When we bought our house I envisioned myself a homesteader. We bought a 1400 sq ft house on 3.35 acres. We have enough space for animals and vegetables, fire pits and a dirt bike track. There is literally enough space for us to do whatever we want.

I know that I am lucky. 

Not everyone gets this life. (Nor does everyone want it) and I don't take that for granted. In order to award myself a little accountability, I turn to you, dear readers. As house projects get started are in progress and are finished I will post about them! 

I have separated my house projects into 'must dos' and 'could dos' however I am fully aware that my 'must dos' should probably go in the 'could dos' list. 

Must - Dos:

  • Finish brick patio
  • Remodel two bathrooms
  • Paint internal rooms of the house
  • Replace flooring throughout the house

Could - Dos:

  • Refinish kitchen cabinets
  • Replace kitchen counter top
  • Redo laundry room

Now excuse me while I channel Joanna Gaines.